Get a start on getting your landscape into tip-top shape for spring. Some pruning, fertilizing, soil enhancing, mulching and repairs done now will allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces more come spring and summer.
More blooms, more fragrance, and less work!

What to do
in your landscape now.

It’s time to…
Feed your emerging bulbs like daffodils, jonquils, hyacinths and amaryllis. Simple Bone Meal (0-10-0) is ideal, but dogs might dig around in soil.
Bat Guano (0-5-0) is another source of phosphorus and is loaded with other organic nutrients that animals will ignore.

It’s time to…
Cut back your roses.  As the new growth emerges from your roses, (now in our area, but note that they are early this year due to the mild winter temperatures we have enjoyed.) it’s time to cut them back for spring. Climbing roses are an exception. More pruning and care info click here. Also feed roses with natural rose food now, as it will take 8 weeks before the nutrients become available to the plants.

It’s time to…
Prevent insect problems before they start! Insects lay eggs all over your landscape plants. Come spring these eggs hatch and have an impact on your plants. They eat flowers and buds, they damage the foliage and steal nutrients from the plants, especially younger plants.
Dormant spray smothers the eggs before they hatch. It’s lower cost than bug killers you would need later.
Apply to:
Azaleas and Gardenias
Fruit trees

Or any landscape plant that had issues with insects such as scale, whitefly and mites.

It’s time to…
Apply fast acting lime to your lawn. Zoysia, Bermuda and Fescue.
Cal-Turf fast acting lime is effective in weeks, not months like traditional garden lime. This highly concentrated product covers 10,000 s/f per bag ($20). Apply now.

  • Root Development
  • Vigor and Plant Growth
  • Drought and Stress Tolerance

It’s time to…

Transplant and relocate plants. If you need to relocate a shrub, divide your iris or lilies, or transplant seedlings into your landscape, now is a great time. When transplanting anything, be sure prepare the soil properly. Adding Zone 7 Living Soil amender to the native soil reduces transplant shock and stimulates new root development. Living Soil contains clay busting gypsum, Ph. adjusting lime, strong root stimulants, B vitamins, and other elements that assure your transplanting success. 1.5 c/f Bag $11.00 Made locally, exclusively for Zone 7 Inc.