Time to prune is now!

By: Lance Yuda, Owner/ Landscape Designer



Mid simmer is the appropriate time to prune lots of landscape plants.
We never want to prune in the fall*, so if it needs pruning, now is the time.
Suggested plants to prune now;
• Boxwood
• Holly
• Cleyera
• Anise (Illicium)
• Loropetalum
• Oak leaf hydrangea
• Mop-head Hydrangea
• Viburnums
• Conifers like gold mops, junipers, topiaries
• Gardenia
• Fatsia
• Ligustrum
• Roses
• Runners off the tops of Abelia
• Hawthorns
*Fall pruning leads to frost burn of tender new growth in the winter.
Other summer tasks;
• Remove suckers from Crape Myrtles
• Dead head Butterfly bushes to encourage rebloom
• Spray Mancozeb for powdery mildew and black spot diseases (Crapes, roses, Hawthorns, Hydrangeas)
(Mancozeb with Zinc)
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• Cut back spent perennials to encourage regrowth and possible rebloom…Daylily, Iris, Coneflower, etc…
• Prune and feed your container plants. I love Fish Emulsion fertilizer for my containers and window boxes. If you don’t love the smell of the fish, try ‘Nature’s Source’ plant food as another good micro nutrient laden plant food.
fish emulsionnature's source
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• Zero burn…apply in summer
• Loaded with micro-nutrients…more blooms and deep green foliage
• Concentrated formulas gone a long way.