By: Lance Yuda, Owner/ Landscape Designer

Azalea Information
Insects and Diseases

Azalea Leaf Gall

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Below is excerpted from the Clemson Extension Service website.
A link is also provided.
Leaf gall (Exobasidium vaccinii) is a very common fungal disease in the early spring on azaleas and occasionally on rhododendrons. Some of the native rhododendron species (azaleas) are more susceptible than hybrid rhododendrons. In April and May leaves and buds of infected plants develop distorted growth. Leaves and possibly stems become thickened, curled, fleshy and turn pale green to white. In the later stages of the disease, the galls become covered with a white powdery substance. As the galls age, they turn brown and hard.

Prevention & Treatment: This disease rarely does enough damage to require chemical control. If only a few plants are affected, pick and destroy galls. If chemical control is necessary on azaleas, mancozeb, or chlorothalonil fungicide sprays can be used according to label directions.
Zone 7 Has received many calls and seen many examples of this gall brought to the nursery this spring.
We stock both treatments.

Lace Bugs on Azaleas

This tiny insect can be found on the underside of azalea leafs.
They puncture holes in the leaf and suck out the chlorophyll.
The result is the silvery washed out color.

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Apply Either of the Systemic pesticides to the soil
(One is a liquid drench, the other is granules)
Granules are effective for 4-6 weeks
Liquid Drench is Effective for 12 months!
The plant absorbs the pesticide and kills the lace bug from the inside out.
The Bugs hide under the leafs, so foliar sprays are not effective.

This product also kills White fly on gardenia, Adelgids on Hemlocks,
Aphids on roses and crape myrtles, and Japanese Beetles on roses, Japanese maples, hibiscus etc…
Granules are effective for 4-6 weeks
Liquid Drench is Effective for 12 months!
Early summer is the best time to prune all azaleas
Gumpo’s / Satsuki (when done blooming)


Hand prune leggy runners
Shear if you like a dense shaped plant
Feed and Mulch Azaleas

Azaleas are shallow rooted plants
3-4” Deep hardwood or pine Bark mulch keeps roots cool and moist in the heat
Deep pine straw is also effective
Apply Holly-Tone™ Fertilizer…zero burn & slow acting
Deep greening and more blooms!